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Faith/Luck Story

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Eternal Peace

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ETERNAL PEACE. With its interlocking pattern inset with sparkles, ASTRA Eternal Peace represents an infinite flow of inner peace that twists and weaves but remains unbroken. Wearing ASTRA Eternal Peace is like a small reminder of the never-ending nature of peace and love - especially the love we hav..


£81.99 Ex Tax: £81.99

LUCK & FORTUNE. Ancient and beautiful, the hamsa symbol from the cultures of the Middle East and North Africa brings good luck and good fortune into your life. Wear the ASTRA Hamsa as your very own powerful amulet of protection...

Hopeful Star

£109.99 Ex Tax: £109.99

HOLD ON TO YOUR WISHES. The wise person knows that a wish is an intention, a goal, spoken out loud or whispered to the first star seen at night. ASTRA Hopeful Star represents that wish with a jewel - encrusted starfish that sparkles amidst the other smaller hopes and dreams. Like a starfish clinging..


£81.99 Ex Tax: £81.99

LUCK. A charm of luck, the ASTRA Horseshoe keeps the good horse of fortune galloping through your life...


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PURITY OF BODY & MIND. With its roots deep in the mud, yet blooming bright above the water, the lotus flower represents purity of the body, speech and mind, as well as spiritual awakening and rebirth. The lotus is one of eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism and the sparkling cubic zirconia held ..


£89.99 Ex Tax: £89.99

PROTECTION IN LIFE. We all need a little protection sometimes and ASTRA Protection acts as an amulet for its wearer. It contains the Hamsa, a powerful symbol from the cultures of the Middle East and North Africa that brings centuries of wisdom and meaning. To wear the Hamsa close to your heart is to..

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